An Update From Pastor Simon Peter


I met Pastor Simon Peter in late 2015 on Facebook. I made sure he was legitimate through churches that had been there, and were supporting him. Then I agreed to help him build a school for the children he helps through the four churches he oversees. He travels mostly on his bike -- he is paralyzed, from childhood polio. He said he had about 100 children he helps -- nearly 300 signed up for the school. We operated the school for one full year, but were unable to maintain the donations to keep going. I created this video over the winter, hoping to bring attention to this cause. Now that I have been labeled a racist by Montpelier City officials, it seems maybe they should ask Simon what he thinks. I'm tired of white people who have done nothing to help black people tell me I'm racist because I won't virtue-signal beside them with a divisive flag.

Simon here tells the story of our friendship and efforts. I thank you for watching. Ugandan lives matter.