Free Speech Is Verboten in Vermont


Vermont is at the forefront of the progressive effort to conquer America and extinguish its liberties.  To subjugate any people, a ruling oppressor must 1) eliminate means of self defense; and 2) silence opposition.  Vermont’s progressive supermajority has worked hard on the first: it has largely completed the second.

Vermont’s media is largely progressive, and stifles conservative opinions from the menu offered its readership.  The largest on-line print media outlet is called, cloaking itself as an actual journalistic entity that “digs” for news stories, when in fact it more often buries truth than unearths it.  But, VTDigger benefits from a 501(c)(3) tax status, meaning it is subsidized by taxpayers.

Vermont’s “woke” white people have been highly mobilized over the killing of George Floyd.  Not a single voice has been heard condoning that horrible incident, but Vermont’s woke whiteys have launched large COVID-ignoring protests condemning Vermont as a white supremacist system and culture.  This is an effort to disparage the Green Mountain State and its people, by redefining the very term “systemic racism.”  The old definition was “viewing one race as inherently superior or inferior to another.”  The new definition is “being white.” 

Some Vermonters have tried to “protest” against maligning their tolerant grandmothers and neighbors with this unfounded slander, but their voices are roundly silenced.  A school principal in Windsor was criticized for displaying an American flag at the high school’s graduation, and for failing to include a Black Lives Matter flag.  In response, she commented on facebook:

While I understand the urgency to feel compelled to advocate for black lives, what about our fellow law enforcement? What about all others who advocate for and demand equity for all? Just because I don’t walk around with a BLM sign should not mean I am a racist.

This comment was intolerable for the intolerant Left.  The school board promptly dismissed her for her “ignorance, prejudice, and lack of judgment in these statements.” 

A local woman submitted a brief commentary to VTDigger in which she defended the police, and related the following facts:

Vermont is the only state with a larger share of African American adults having graduated from college than white adults…. The difference in incomes between white and black residents is the smallest in the country. In Vermont African American families earn $50,933 annually, the third most of any state, about $4,000 less than the state's typical white household. Nationally the income gap between white and black Americans is roughly $24,000.

VTDigger, despite its tax status, refused to print her piece.  When asked why, VTDigger’s Commentary Editor Cate Chant responded:

We are not publishing commentaries that imply a denial of systemic racism.

Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery, in the first State Constitution enacted in America.  Alexander Twilight was the first black American to graduate college (at Middlebury College, in 1823), the first black state representative, and ONLY black man to serve in a state legislature prior to the Civil War.  Vermont voted in two elections for Barack Obama at the second-highest rates in the country (after Hawaii).  All of these statements are well-established facts, as are those offered regarding wealth and education disparity between races in the Green Mountain State.

This is where Vermonters have been brought to -- their knees. They must fall on their faces and beg forgiveness for the racism of others, because they were cursed with white skin for which the only penance is contrition and groveling, or militarized attacks against fellow white citizens.  White progressives have discovered that there is “power in the blood” -- power to exploit the suffering of inner city blacks and weaponize that against unoffending, well-intentioned white Vermonters.  And it is verboten to object!

This week the Vermont Governor’s office directed the Agency of Transportation not to disturb BLM graffiti, explaining “These voices need to be heard. Use this as an opportunity to advance the discussion, rather than censoring it.”  The government is here distinguishing between varieties of acceptable speech based on content, and favoring one political message over any dissenting voices (verboten!).  The Governor has embraced BLM, its protesters have been told they are exempt from COVID regulations, and its flags are being flown on public institutions with government endorsement.  And the largest media outlet receives favorable tax benefits while filtering (policing) public opinion.

Free speech has been abolished in Vermont.  The very things I have written here about Vermont’s proud abolitionist history “..imply a denial of systemic racism” and will not be tolerated.  The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Nazis and the KKK have the right to express their views -- but relating true statistics in defense of false allegations of Vermont racism is… verboten!