Future Lawsuits Will Determine Fate of CRT and Transgender Conditioning

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Vermont has failed its schoolchildren in a horrific, even criminal, fashion by launching a massive psycho-social political indoctrination program against young school children. Since both transgender conditioning and critical race theory are novel, utterly untested ideologies, it is only a matter of time before the litigation begins. School boards and teachers are not certified to conduct psychological reconditioning on others’ children — even with consent. Thus, even parents who currently approve of this disgusting ideological conditioning will later become plaintiffs when their guinea-pig kids are scarred for life.

Perhaps Vermont’s school boards and government perceive that their insurance will shield them from these lawsuits, but that would be an absurd hope: these suits could bankrupt the state of Vermont, let alone corporate entities that have never agreed to insure schoolteachers as practicing psychologists (any more than they are insured for practicing law, or medicine). Given that large numbers of children who undergo gender therapy and/or transgender surgeries are later traumatized and seek to reverse these decisions, it is certain these lawsuits will flow.

Ironically, the schools and UVM have bypassed parental consent and provided children with the “right” to decide for themselves. That will be highly amusing when the lawsuits flow — the state is exposing itself to massive liability: those kids lack the capacity to grant informed consent under long-established laws. Does Vermont think it will interpose minor consent as a defense to its liability?

Vermont schools are a sham now. They not only refused to be honest or responsive to parents about CRTand transgender indoctrination, they have acted with thuggish impunity. They have launched controversial methodologies of conditioning as well as facially-suspect race and gender experimentations. Are they that stupid that they think they can succeed? Yup.

After the eugenics movement “theoretically” assaulted Vermonters, there was not a rush to courts of law on behalf of the marginalized poor whites and Abenakis victimized without consent by elitists creating a new better world. That was simply not a litigious society, and those victims had no access to legal counsel. Indeed, many laws that would today provide recourse simply didn’t exist.

By the time of the similarly misguided “theoretical” lobotomy movement, tens of thousands of vulnerable patients were deceived into undergoing (or having their loved ones undergo) this ghastly and irrevocable process. But by this time, there were lawyers on hand to raise alarms. Some professionals in the psychiatry community began to raise alarms about the horrible outcomes and suffering of patients subjected to the marvelous, modern, CRT-like promises of lobotomization:

The end of lobotomies was brought about by a lawsuit filed by a young lawyer named Gabe Kaimowitz on behalf of a chronically hospitalized patient who had been promised release from the mental hospital if he underwent experimental psychosurgery. …It’s important to realize just how important this was, to put a stop to the return of lobotomies and experimental psychosurgeries. It was widely accepted as a practical solution for all sorts of problems, including race riots and behavioral problems among young children.

The beginning of the end of psychosurgery was the early 1970s. At that time, Breggin, who for most of his career struggled to get support, got the support of the Congressional Black Caucus, who could see the social consequences of psychosurgery being used on black children, as well as certain conservative Senators who thought it was immoral.

The parallels to today’s wholesale, systemic experimentation on Vermont schoolchildren are clear to those with eyes that see. Perhaps the school superintendents who lie to and bully concerned Vermont parents have had lobotomies, and are too dumbed down to foresee their loss of all their personal assets when the insurance companies and laws won’t shield them from their personal actions outside any reasonable government authority. Who will protect them when the truth is outed, and this institutional lobotomization of a generation of children hits the courts?

CRT is largely indistinguishable from eugenics theory, for those unlobotomized Vermonters willing to examine the ideology critically. It is an ideology, not a science — indeed, there was more science to support the eugenics and lobotomy initiatives than this race-based cult. These simple truths cannot be surmounted by any amount of screaming, hating or political subjugation. And when the walls of tyranny come down, tens of thousands of psychologically-traumatized children will be seeking monetary recourse.

The risks for progressive experimentation were much lower when only poor, marginalized groups were subjected to eugenics or lobotomies. But CRT and transgender indoctrination, each of which is the psycho-social equivalent of thalidimide to the majority of these children, have been inflicted widely — on anyone they could spray down with their toxic grooming idiotology. The stakes are high, and our children are being tugged into psychological pieces by this ideological war. The seething retaliation in store for these miscreants will be greater than any social revolt in American history. A special reparations fund will likely be required.

Of course, there are those souls who delude themselves that imbuing children with a racially-heightened awareness will somehow bring utopian joy to replace Martin Luther King’s dream of equality and judgment by merit, or that they can concoct infinite imaginary genders to serve up on the gender menu and no psychological harm to struggling minds will result. They must perceive themselves as qualified psychologists.

The sooner Vermont parents unite and select targeted lawsuits to challenge these sickening experimentations, the sooner our children can be rescued from this vile predation. Teachers can eye their pensions — so will the parents’ attorneys. This criminal infringement on our children has already gone far too far. It is time for a class action lawsuit against the lobotomized lobotomizers.

Let us pay $10,000 to lawyers to move to Vermont to displace the race-baiting carpetbaggers who are preying on our children. Or just pay them $10,000 to file suit. But the lawsuits are coming, and the state and schools must have a litigation plan by now. Oh wait, it’s the parents’ tax dollars that would be consumed to settle cases with parents. This is the moral hazard we face.

But if teachers and administrators believe there will be no accountability one day for what they are brazenly inflicting on others’ kids, they are dumber than stupid. Teacher Sam Carbonetti never answered for his conduct in grooming young kids with gender pronouns, nor did Superintendent Penny Chamberlin — do they think parents aren’t aware, and that they can ignore them with complete impunity? But these behaviors are all on the evidentiary record — legal accountability has yet to begin.

Cry legal havoc! Unleash the best-trained dogs of litigation war! Let us have legal accountability where we have had legislative and administrative betrayal. That is the recourse against CRT and trans-grooming. That is the path to save our young children from this hideous ideological brainwashing.

What have we got to lose?