Governor Jim Douglas Endorses John Klar for Orange County Senate

Former Vermont Governor: Jim Douglas

Brookfield, Vermont, June 9, 2022: Former Vermont Governor James Douglas has endorsed John Klar for Orange County Senate. As Vermont’s fiscally-minded Republican Governor for eight years, Jim Douglas sought bipartisan consensus and sensible legislation for Vermonters. He appeals to the same values in his endorsement of Klar:

“Vermont is the greatest place in the nation to live and work, but we still face serious challenges: a shrinking workforce, declining enrollment in our schools, a huge unfunded pension liability and controlling state spending after Federal COVID funds dry up. We need balance in Montpelier. We need real-world experience. John Klar has the energy and the background to tackle our problems. I hope he's the next Senator from Orange County.”

An attorney with experience in tax and accounting, John Klar has for years advocated for more robust funding of Vermont’s state pensions systems; warned of declining student enrollment and rising costs in schools; and called for restraint of a Vermont bureaucracy that outpaces the underlying economy in growth. Klar raises grass-fed beef and sheep in Brookfield, and presented a detailed agricultural plan to support small farms and the Vermont economy when he challenged Governor Phil Scott in the Republican primary in 2020.

John Klar warns that food prices will continue to escalate, and argues that Vermonters must come together to expand long-term local food supplies while growing a more inflation-resistant economy. Klar challenges incumbent Mark MacDonald, who has served in the Vermont House and Senate since 1983.

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