John Klar Announces Campaign for Orange County Senate

John Klar at the Vermont State House

Brookfield, Vermont, April 28, 2022: Former gubernatorial candidate John Klar seeks support for his election bid to become Orange County’s next Senator. Challenging a seat long held by Democrat Mark MacDonald, farmer, writer, and attorney John Klar offers creative ideas and strong criticism of a bloated state bureaucracy as alternatives for consideration by all Vermonters.

John Klar embraces conservative proposals that are bipartisan in Vermont’s present plight – fiscal integrity rather than runaway spending, including bolstering the state’s underfunded pensions system; school choice rather than compulsion into a declining and increasingly ideological school system; nurturing small farms and regenerative agriculture, to improve both food availability and the environment.

Klar brings decades of study and experience to serve Vermonters, including extensive civil rights advocacy work. A passionate farmer who raises grass-fed beef and sheep, John also has an extensive background in accounting, finance, and money supply – useful skill sets to serve Vermonters in the midst of growing economic crisis. John Klar is also a certified opioid recovery coach, and has worked for years supporting charities in Uganda and elsewhere. Klar will be a strong voice for regular Vermonters, and will fight to ensure all voices are heard in Montpelier.

Details of John’s writings and proposals can be found at