John Klar Published in Mother Earth News


Brookfield, Vermont, September 20, 2022: Orange District Senate Candidate John Klar has been published in national periodical Mother Earth News’ October/November 2022 print magazine edition (p. 87) in its “Ask Our Experts” column. The article shows a picture of John with a beautiful Hereford Bull named “Miro” that John and his wife Jackie (an Orange-Washington-Addison House candidate) nurtured following a near-frozen entry into the world.

John’s Mother Earth News article is titled “Rescuing Calves Born During Harsh Weather,” and explains how the couple revived and saved Miro from a likely death.

Both Klar candidates are experienced farmers, and have together raised chickens, pigs, draft horses, sheep, goats and both dairy and beef cattle. They have also milked goats and cows, and crafted raw-milk artisanal cheeses. They are organic farmers who now raise grass-fed beef and lamb near John’s original Brookfield family homestead, the Stoddard farm on East Hill. (John’s full name is John Stoddard Klar).

The Stoddards are a longstanding Brookfield family who settled here circa 1800. John’s grandmother Cesarine Stoddard was a popular local schoolteacher, known for her frugality, common sense, and good-humored humility. “Grammie taught us all many basic truths, including the importance of frugality – she wasted nothing. That creed is a necessary part of animal husbandry, and part of the duty to do all we can to treat animals ethically and ensure their good health – as with Miro,” says John.

Jackie Klar has been a Registered Nurse for decades (most recently at Gifford Hospital), and is also an experienced horse trainer – skill sets that serve well in both farm animal care and the State’s Legislature. Before farming, John was a tax attorney with international accountancy firm PriceWaterHouseCoopers for several years, and also practiced as a Special Public Defender and family law litigator in Connecticut for seven years.

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