Vermont Remains the First Western Nation in the World to Ban Slavery Outright

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Citizens United famously held that corporations were “persons” under American Constitutional law for purposes of speech. This personification of lifeless corporate entities accords with ubiquitous corporate efforts to advertise their social justice and climate “awareness,” and their commitment to free trade or other causes celebre du jour.

But if corporations are to be humanized, what of past sins? What of Nike’s sweat shops and child labor? Has the company now “redeemed its soul” by rushing into the BLM breach? Pinnochio and British Petroleum may both want to be “real boys,” but Pinocchio was held accountable for his sins — BP helped overthrow the legitimate democratic government of Iran in 1953,violated laws in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and committed plenty more environmental and human grievances. The company simply changes its name and sets up its practices anew.

Vermont has never done that. As a corporate entity formed in 1776, it acquired the real estate assets of the Green Mountains in a quasi-hostile takeover — from other colonists. The Abenaki and other Indians had largely disappeared by that late year, and their numbers were miniscule (most Abenaki were driven out of Vermont by Iroquois tribes between 1534 and 1609). Seeking to end the tribal and racist conflicts of the past, this novel corporate entity named Vermont immediately set up shop as an outspokenly enlightened anti-slavery state. Vermont became a leader for other “free” American states, and for the world.

Modern efforts to besmirch this well-documented history suffer from the historical hubris of trendy SJW fantasists who delude themselves that they — with their seething hatred and pathetic lack of education — would have done a better job than those early Vermont incorporators. That is laughably absurd: Social Justice “Warriors” can’t even treat people with civility in 2022!

But the Vermont corporation did not stop there. Unlike many corporations, it held the virtuous line:

Alexander Twilight became the first black man to be admitted to and graduate from college in America — at now embarrassingly “woke” Middlebury College, which has abandoned those erstwhile moral heights for its current disgraceful fall.

– Mr. Twilight later was elected the first black state legislator in the nation: the only one prior to the Civil War.

Vermont sacrificed 5,194 troops in the Civil War; 2,200 prisoners of war. Vermont was also famed for its devoted contribution to reconstruction: it’s soldiers were particularly reviled by southerners, whose incorporated states, unlike Vermont, had embraced a horrid immorality in slavery.

– Vermont never instituted Jim Crow or sharecropping laws, despite progressive liars’ efforts to enact a statute saying so!

The list of admirable Vermont achievements is lengthy, but detractors seek to re-write this proud past with lies. Did Mr. Twilight suffer from racist slurs while at college? Undoubtedly, but that was by individual racists, not the corporate entity named Vermont. Indeed, Vermont remains the first western nation in the world to ban slavery outright — long before the United Kingdom. That banner of declared freedom was hugely influential in the battle to end indentured servitude: now many slander and destroy that clear legacy, while praising opportunist corporate entities like BLM which earn millions pandering to inflammatory racism while doing nothing to relieve the suffering of minorities. That fraud stands in open contrast to the consistent virtues of Vermont.

Until now.

Now Vermont’s moral course has been usurped by ill-informed, elitist racists who are distributing funds illegally based on skin color, and lying blatantly about Vermonters and their police using deliberately manipulated, even fraudulent, statistics. As the failures of this toxic eugenics-like ideology become more obvious, how will Vermont the corporation remove the cult-teachers who have polluted its schools? How will it make people equal instead of conditioning children to change gender in preschool, and white children to see themselves as inferior and evil solely because of their skin color?

Perhaps Vermont should simply re-incorporate under a new name. It could reaffirm its past record of good governance and sensible abolitionism, and denounce the errant failures and utter moral bankruptcy of the criminal racists who took over corporate management for a brief, highly-embarrassing time. The new entity could simply acquire the land as a successor corporation, and not be legally liable for the grotesque human rights transgressions of the current hate-entity.

Vermont can regain its world-renown as the liberator of the oppressed, and the champion of equality and the equal application of the rule of law. All that is required is to purge the state of those who feign enlightened insights. That will happen naturally enough, as the stain of this ideological pollution is revealed.

Let’s reject the hate invasion. Let’s take back our virtuous, abolitionist Vermont!

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