Vermonters Must Defend Their Culture

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Deliberately targeting Vermont for political takeover by progressives, the far left has now installed numerous officials to condemn Vermonters as white supremacists despite a factual history proving the exact contrary. These elites have united to throttle Vermonters and their culture with a new systemic racism that is overtly prejudiced and hateful.

The dirty word these people like to use is “nativism.” Nativism is bad, according to them, unless it is to invoke a false African nativism they lack, or maybe a dead nativism (the Abenaki) they weaponize. But Vermont nativism is their target for extermination.

As then-Rep. Kiah Morris tweeted in 2018 to then Sen. John Rodgers:

Does this apply to black Americans claiming African nativism? Nope — just native Vermonters being condemned by, in some cases, those invoking their non-existent African nativism.

Vermont nativism includes Vermont’s wonderful culture. Perhaps people like former Rep. Morris and Executive Director of Racial Equity Xusana Davis are jealous that a community of people still enjoy one of the few traditional agrarian cultures remaining in America — but it still exists, unlike the Abenaki culture gone 400 years, or the African culture many thousand miles away. There is of course the modern, urban, inner-city culture — it seems like some wish to supplant Vermont’s farming landscape with that one.

Vermont culture is under broad attack. Local parental control over curricula has been eliminated; farming regulations have destroyed family farms; farmers are openly condemned by clueless extremists who are the chief polluters; extremist animal rights “activists” seek to ban trapping and dog-hunting traditions; free speech rights are undermined. And Vermont schoolchildren are literally being indoctrinated to despise their own farming history and culture, as well as their own race and nation.

This colonization of Vermont is infinitely more hateful and destructive than the alleged past transgressions of white people who cleared land to escape flatland and grow some food. The new arrivals to the state shamelessly exploit Vermont traditions for massive corporate profits, that they then use to finance further denigration and subjugation of Vermonters. And they boast about it:

What [Yvonne] Daley calls “Entrepreneurship—Hippie Style” has paid off big-time for the creators of local brands like Ben & Jerry’s, sold in 2000 to Unilever, and Jogbra (nee Jockbra) sold ten years earlier to Playtex Corp. The Brooklyn-born ice cream magnates, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, helped found Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, the largest and oldest state group of its kind with more than 750 members in 640 companies. … However, as the newcomers to Vermont profiled by Daley learned sooner or later, getting involved in local politics remains one of the most effective ways to link national and international issues to rural community concerns. In 2018 and beyond, anyone planning to do short-term campaigning or longer-term colonizing in any present-day red states should first consult Going Up the Country.

Look at that — they used the term “colonizer” to describe themselves. But in conjunction with exploiting Vermonters, these toxic interlopers routinely condemn Vermonters for celebrating that same culture. As part of the offensive racializing of Vermont through its “equity” task force, Vermonters are told they must not celebrate nativism. This task force that taxpayers pay for has even called for elected representatives to condemn that very thing using a “‘PLEDGE’ DENOUNCING HATE AND VT NATIVISM THAT CANDIDATES FOR ELECTED OFFICE CAN TAKE.”

As stated on page 24 of the January 2021 Report of the Vermont Racial Equity Task Force:

The Task Force notes that in Vermont, some of the most influential voices are those of public officials and state leaders they are respected members of our communities and in whose hands we have entrusted our fates and our futures. To that end, it is meaningful when these leaders vocally and visibly stand up for justice and speak out against hate. Again, we note that such statements should always be paired with tangible actions and genuine commitment. The Task Force recommends that a pledge be made available for state leaders to voluntarily adopt. This pledge would declare that the signatory stands against hate and bias, commits to advancing equity in their work, and ascribes to a set of values that includes equitable treatment for all.

This overtly communist task force invokes all the new social justice language, in an official colonizing public agency manned by elitist newcomers who claim to be “community representatives” — not the Vermont community, but the new arrivals called “stakeholders.” Among the group’s Vermont “community representatives,” according to that report, are Cleophace Kyendamina Mukeba, Maria Mercedes Avila, and Wichie Artu — none of whom are Vermont natives.

Imagine how African Zulus, or Oglala Sioux, felt when white men set up councils to condemn their backward ways, indoctrinate them in “civilized” knowledge, and take over their lands to impose equity. Those colonizers lacked the audacity to proclaim they were “community representatives” — though they are part of the community of racists to which both groups belong.

The line between these groups is not one of race but of ideology. All of these 21st century equity interlopers (regardless of race) are willing to elevate their personal wealth and status on the backs of poor inner-city blacks and impoverished Indians. The exploitation of Vermonters by race-focused officials is distinguishable by their methodology, not the racial identity of the offenders. Similarly, many Vermonters of color oppose this toxic cult but are oppressed and condemned equally to their fellow Vermont nativists. Now every aspect of Vermont is being tainted by this race-lens based on a “systemic racism” that is assumed but never proven (because it never existed).

We Vermont natives have had enough. The United States Constitution explicitly prohibits racial distinctions by government such as are flagrantly employed here. Vermont has been taken over by Vermont-haters. The culture they seek to impose is itself racist; the one they seek to erase is vibrant and resilient.

This is the marvelous culture of native Vermont, and it has nothing to do with where you were born or what skin you wear. It is a culture built on tolerance and a proud work ethic. Vermonters must defend their culture — before it’s too late.

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