Dear Democrats...


"Dear Democrats" is what I'd like to call this video - and I'm being very serious about that! When I ran for governor in 2020 I talked about this and I talked about Thomas Frank's book "Listen Liberal - whatever happened to the party of the people." Thomas Frank is a liberal commentator talking about how the Democratic party has become the party of the elites and not of working class people.

I was really an independent all my life but that led me to most times vote Democrat so I guess what I'm what you'd call now a "walk away."

But the the pattern I've seen is that many on the left now manipulate the poor and marginalized minorities in order to garner more and more power for themselves and more and more taking of money from other people that a lot of which is just wasted in government. But now the divide in Vermont is really opening up particularly in the battle between Becca Balint and Molly Gray. Molly Gray a highly credentialed attorney a moderate "Blue Dog Democrat" we might say a lost to Becca Balint who has a lot of money from out of state and whose whole platform is about social justice and helping gay people and abortion and social justice climate change when that's not really what's impacting working Vermonters.

Dave Zuckerman is another one who's far on the Progressive left and he's not very popular because people can see that he's a person with a lot of money who once again is constantly talking about these "grand ideas" to spend more money to help the poor people while he doesn't help the poor people. And as I revealed in a recent article, Mr Zuckerman was able to buy a $1.3M piece of property - a 154 acre farm - and walk away with $121K in Vermont Land Trust monies so in other words he walked into a closing and walked away having not paid a penny and he hasn't responded to that but that's the kind of disconnect that Thomas Frank talks about and what he calls the "Martha's Vineyard liberals." -- and we do see a lot of very well-known left-wing elites living at Martha's Vineyard

Many traditional Democrats understand economics they understand the reason to be fiscally balanced they understand that a lot of our taxes are regressive and take money from poor people to fund projects for the wealthy. And they understand farming.

Farming is something I talk about a lot with people on the campaign trail and how we all need better food. farming is really important and we could help them and we don't need to be red or blue to do that.

Continually we just see that more and more people are walking away from the Democratic party I meet teachers and college professors who are privately telling me and reaching out to me and saying "this is not the liberalism that I embraced."

And it isn't because I still embrace Martin Luther King. I still embrace free speech ideas, sensible economic policy and universal equality and what we see in the new Democratic party which is neoliberal liberalism - it's not really liberalism at all it's much more like Orwell's warning that we would we would have a group of people that say well all animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others - and we see this here in the race battle we see it in the gender identity movement then we see it in the conflicts in Randolph Union High School school and really they're not creating some new Utopia they're committing a fraud making promises while again exploiting those who are impoverished to make them yet more impoverished and all this what Aldous Huxley warned - that propaganda is the tool used to dehumanize another group of people.

Also to paraphrase Huxley - he said the greatest revolutionary movement is when you can convince people that their righteous indignation is appropriate to use to dehumanize and attack and do horrible things to another group of people and we see that now here in Vermont we even see the Vermont Democratic party say "oh send us money because of the fascist Republicans who support January 6" and all of this stuff that doesn't really have to do with most of us and so in the midst of all those attacks I think a lot of Vermonters see that we don't have right-wing fascism in Vermont and that we have threats to free speech and other traditional liberties that are not coming from the right.

If you look at history it was Stalin and Mao and the far left and arguably Hitler and the Socialist Democrats who in fact came from the left in the name of helping the populace helping the people and then did the opposite and that's why I'm hoping that people will come and look at what it is that we're trying to do here by bringing people together on the actual issues instead of party identification.

I believe in a two-party system we are seeing in Vermont what's been happening with a one-party system. In fact in a recent debate with my opponent, Mr MacDonald, he said well we don't have a blue red divide in the legislature we passed all these laws with huge majorities and I said but that's because you don't have two parties you only have I believe six Republican Senators and he and others laughed when I said that so you don't have a blue red divide because you don't have any red and we're headed towards we're almost there to a one-party system and we see what's happened and we need to vote in some conservatives to support governor Scott and have some balance and have two ideas or two different groups of ideas at the table and then some of these policies that are really not helping vermonters may have been stopped but if there's one thing that's clear we shouldn't dehumanize each other and we need to come together and not buy into this hatefulness and this simplistic stereotyping labeling of people based solely on their political identification or one thing that they say one little litmus test and then you treat them horribly and call them racists or that they don't care about women or they want to destroy the planet now it's not that simple and Thomas Frank wrote about it he's a left-leaning - very left-leaning - can't stand Donald Trump - warning his own party that you need to have issues other than we hate Donald Trump - and we're not Donald Trump. And we're going to call anybody a "Trumpster" who disagrees with us - or a "racist."

He pointed it out - the book I think was 2017 - and he's being proved right. We need more people who are common sense Democrats who see the division in their side of the equation to walk back back to the middle. You don't have to become a Republican to support conservative ideas like fiscal accountability and funded pensions and restrained government that is getting too big and destroying the underlying economy so as always I'm really delighted that people are watching this and in this case I'm really genuinely appealing to Democrats to consider my policies at my website and consider voting for me so I can prove that I will do what I say I'm going to do and stop all of this far left and Far Right extremism.

We need to come to the middle to address the problems for our future and for our children and their fiscal problems their economic problems and their food problems food inflation is coming fertilizer prices have tripled fuel prices are not going down and those are all involved in the production and transportation of food. Good quality healthy food - sort of like the fentanyl addiction - it doesn't care what color you are or whether you're black or white or whether you're red or blue and that's where Americans have always been able to come together not in two-party antagonism but in the Constitution that brings two groups of people two parties of people to the middle and that's what I stand for and that doesn't make me an extremist that makes me a moderate. So thank you as always for listening please look more at my ideas at