Let’s Hold Mark MacDonald Accountable

Mark MacDonald first entered the Vermont Legislature in 1983. Reviewing his voting record over the last few years, I have created a comparison chart of bills reflecting how I would have voted compared with Senator MacDonald on important issues.

Over and over, Mark MacDonald has voted to increase taxes and spending, and increase government control over local schools, private landownership, and fossil fuels. His votes show hostility to our police, and also hostility to Vermonters – he claims Vermont and its history are “white supremacist,” and votes accordingly.

Let's take a closer look at the voting record Mark MacDonald doesn't want you to see. Click the  icon to view my reasoning for each issue.

John Klar
Mark MacDonald
H.715 clean heat carbon tax on heating fuels NO YES
S.210 Impose registration fee for rental housing. NO YES
S.265 Criminalize and broaden threats against public officials NO YES
H.679 Increased state budget by 5% NO YES
H.175 Expand bottle redemption to include water bottles NO YES
H.296 Establish racial truth commission to identify Vermont's systemic racism NO YES
S.254 Remove qualified immunity for police NO YES
H.177 & H.227 Voting rights for non-citizens NO YES
S.79 State registration of rental properties NO YES
S.15 Permanent all-mail-in voting NO YES
H.81 Impose union bargaining fees on taxpayers NO YES
S.R.6 Opposition to Act 250 reform NO YES
Proposal 5 Abortion until birth NO YES
H.926 Forest development restrictions for private landowners NO YES
H.688 Global Warming Solutions Act NO YES
S.23 Impose state minimum wage NO YES
S.348 Prohibit ballot harvesting YES NO
S.337 Increase electric rates to fund EV cars NO YES
S.162 Pay out-of-staters $10,000 to move to Vermont NO YES
S.169 24 hour waiting period on gun purchases NO YES
S.55 Raise age to purchase firearms to 21 NO YES
S.233 Remove limits on Act 46 spending caps NO YES
S.29 Require voting ID YES NO
H.526 Regulate waterfront rights NO YES
Voted repeatedly to increase income, property, and other taxes. NO YES

You Have a Choice This Year!

The solution to Vermont’s growing problems is not increasing bureaucracy, taxes, and regulations – just the opposite! A government-controlled economy (including minimum wages, and heavy taxes and compliance requirements for employers and businesses) is an inefficient, unaccountable, drag on the real economy. I have proposed a detailed plan that will bolster Vermont’s existing agricultural economy while reducing the tax and other burdens that are crippling low- and fixed-income Vermonters. Making Vermont more affordable for struggling Vermonters trying to make ends meet has clearly not been the focus of Mark MacDonald or this Legislature – it will be mine!

Imposing taxes on our poorest citizens is regressive, not progressive. Distributing benefits to undocumented entrants, and to people based solely on skin color, is grossly inequitable and ideologically motivated. Mark MacDonald has demonstrated a lack of empathy for those Vermonters struggling most, including our farmers and elderly, who are forced to sell their homes or land.

I propose to support Vermont farms and other businesses to grow and reach wider markets, and create new revenue to bring into Vermont. Ongoing food inflation guarantees profits for farmers, especially in organic and niche value-added markets, and in growing and processing meats. The Vermont government must help, not hinder, economic activity. Clean water and air, and healthy food for all, are dependent on steady, meaningful economic growth, not the tumor-like explosion of bureaucracy that progressives like Mark MacDonald have inflicted upon our state.

Please read about my plan to bolster Vermont’s farms and related businesses – farmers know how to get things done frugally and with common sense. We need more of both in the bloated dome.

Orange County Residents - I Need Your Help!

Please send me to Montpelier to grow our economy, lower our taxes and cut our business-killing regulations. You can help in one or more of the following ways:

Please vote John Klar on November 8th. I will be your voice in Montpelier.