John Klar Invokes Governor’s Mail-in Solution for Debate Controversy


Brookfield, Vermont, June 2, 2020: Republican candidate for Governor John Klar today published a letter emphasizing the importance of open debates in Vermont elections, and calling on Governor Scott to appoint an independent panel to decide when and how the GOP Primary debates should be conducted. John Klar borrows the idea from the Governor himself, who recently called for a panel to weigh the pros and cons of mail-in voting, stating “That way we can think about what it means in an objective way, not having anyone involved in the election.”

John Klar is an attorney, who calls on Governor Scott to respect Vermont political traditions and the American electoral process by appointing a panel to decide on what is fair for a debate schedule during the COVID-19 crisis:

That way, we can think about what it means in an objective way, not having anyone involved in the election.

Klar says that since Governor Scott has much more money than he, a huge public presence due to COVID-19, and high incumbent visibility, it is particularly important to ensure a fair opposition. Instead, Phil Scott is using all of these resources to silence criticism of his administration and record.

All Vermonters should desire that John Klar debate Vermont’s economic future in a public forum with Governor Scott. A year from now, Phil Scott’s handling of COVID-19 will not be as important as how well the Vermont economy is then being handled. Klar says he is the stronger candidate to rebuild Vermont productivity and business growth, including for agriculture. He also promises to stand up to progressive voices in ways that Governor Scott has refused.

Klar insists, “Political debates are essential services.