How I’ll Make Vermont More Affordable for Everyone


The phrase "Make Vermont more affordable" is often used by politicians, but I have concrete plans for how to improve Vermont's economy that will actually make Vermont more affordable for everyone:

  1. I have a detailed policy proposal to support local farming, which will also boost numerous related businesses, build on agritourism, and increase supplies of local, fresh food for hospitals, schools, and all Vermonters. Vermont must increase animal processing facilities, pare back regulations for small farms, and improve marketing and distribution channels for Vermont-sourced farm products.
  2. Revise the Current Use and Act 250 programs to create property tax and business relief.
  3. Reduce education costs, and shift the burden from property taxes to the income tax to fund schools.
  4. Identify and eliminate bureaucratic waste and overspending; cap the state budget so that it does not continually expand faster than the Vermont economy.
  5. Oppose all new taxes and fees - including all the tax and spend programs supported by my progressive opponent: new fuel taxes, sales taxes, universal lunches, and other increases in government taxation and spending.

An economy is supported by production, not by expanding state bureaucracy and programs beyond the ability of the underlying economy to endure. For decades Vermonters have struggled against ever-increasing fees, taxes and regulations. Reversing these, and supporting local business innovation, is the twin path to renewed growth, increased state revenue, and a more sustainable economy for all.

Governor Scott has been working hard to reverse our demographic crisis and improve Vermont's affordability but he has often been stymied by Progressive legislators who don't agree that we need more taxpayers in Vermont to lower the rates and relieve the tax burden on us all. I will provide Governor Scott with the legislative support and fiscal expertise he needs to execute our plans to grow the economy and truly make Vermont more affordable - for everyone.

As your next Orange District Senator, I will work hard to creatively fashion practical ways to put money back into citizens' hands, and support balanced economic growth for the benefit of all Vermonters!