Racial Hatred in BLM Poetry From Vermont

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Poet, Rajnii Eddins

Carpetbagging BLM leftists have been heading to Vermont and seem determined to subjugate Vermont's existing (mostly white) population by shaming them.  Lost on these new arrivals is the stark contrast between the urban metropolises from which they come and the backwoods of Vermont, a form of ignorance that may explain their toxic, albeit poetically expressed, dislike for Vermonters.

Rajnii Eddins is a perfect example of this trend.  This black "artist" moved to Vermont from Los Angeles and now sees it as his job to "educate" Vermonters about their culture:

The homogeneity has increased my awareness of the need to speak up about white supremacy and to hold space more intentionally for a myriad of underheard voices and narratives. [snip] The land itself being the original home to the Abenaki people has often spoken to me in profound ways and being in nature I feel there is so much to be gained from the spirit that existed here prior to colonization and is still here.

This New Age fanaticism is grossly ignorant.  This guy entered a white area and immediately judged that everyone there is racist simply by virtue of being homogeneously white.  A person could hardly be more wrong about Vermont.

This newly ruralized urbanite then applies his urban life to the Green Mountains.  While emphasizing the importance of "having empathy," Eddins' poetry exhibits something quite different:

Stop murdering us in cold blood
Stop kneeling with your knees on our necks for writing good or bad checks or whatever the excuse of the day is
Stop running up in our houses for fitting the description of your insane fear
Stop killing us while running or jogging or walking or standing or being
Stop threatening to have us killed when your comfort convenience or fake-ass concept of superiority is threatened.
Stop telling us to stop.
Do not pass go.
Go directly to jail or be killed.


Tell [your children] there is nothing supreme about white
Tell them Black is divine
And that if you think everything is fine then you have already lost your mind

Did this guy just get off the bus from Soweto?  Because not only is this not a picture of Vermont, but we have watched mobs of black people with bullhorns harassing white people in their houses.  Has there been a single case in Vermont of white people "running up in our houses for fitting the description of your insane fear"?  A single recorded Vermont case of a lynching or murder of a black person for racist motives, ever?

Many liberals celebrate Rajnii's Malcolm X rhetoric, oblivious to the fact that it rewrites history and constitutes slander against an entire heritage and people.  Major Jackson, the poetry editor of the Harvard Review, is stunned by Rajnii's "humbling consciousness":

Rajnii's tongue is ancestral, and his spirit is free. In the tradition of sacred word-warriors, he names the fallen and the martyrs with extraordinary grace and a humbling consciousness that manifest light in all directions. His fiery poems ration out eternal wisdoms that call forth simply a substitution of love for hate and a spiritual reckoning so that we all can breathe.

If that ain't lipstick on swine, what on Earth is?  Jackson just put his seal of approval on Rajnii's baseless claim that, in Vermont, "white hands are still caked with blood," calling this calumny a "substitution of love for hate and a spiritual reckoning?"  Okay — who smoked dog poop in his weed again?  If Vermonters have any blood "caked on their hands," it is from a farming injury, or perhaps serving in the Civil War to abolish slavery. 

This toxic insanity arises from an ideology seething with contempt for the Bill of Rights.  Just as Vermont's history is being turned upside-down to comply with this newfangled "substitution of love over hate," so too is the national effort to supplant the Constitution with this "new" and undefined kind of love — one in which race and identity are the dominant determiners of societal position, where wealth will be reallocated to achieve an impossible "equity," and where free speech will not be tolerated when it makes left-leaning people uncomfortable.

If true Vermonters heard Rajnii, they'd be alarmed and offended — not because they are clutching their purses, but because his toxic lies are an abuse of the privilege of living in the Green Mountain State.  Vermont is not free of racists (especially since Rajnii arrived), but it is not systemically racist, any more than America is.  Our Constitution has evolved to oppose all systemic racism.  By definition, it aspires toward equality.

BLM and the far left seek to exploit the scars of slavery to impose a new Orwellian racism on America in the name of progress.  It is a dark path, and the words of BLM — and its poets — only thinly disguise the hate and anger that fester within.

If you think everything is fine with BLM, you have become disconnected from reality.  The United States Constitution can help you be well again.